At Ad Infinitum we make films because we believe in being part of the solution.Our core values are the development and creation of media projects involving the promotion of social and economic justice, positive attitudes towards the environment and the creation of consciousness raising programs designed to foster community and individual self-determination and well-being. Documentary films can be a great catalyst for educating your audience and promoting social change.

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The Nurse-Midwives of San Francisco General Hospital - Building Families Together

The Nurse-Midwives of San Francisco General Hospital have cared for women and families during pregnancy, childbirth, and after childbirth since 1975. Having a baby is an important event in the life of a family, and they approach each woman and family as special and unique. Their goal is to help women and their babies stay safe and healthy, to preserve faith in pregnancy and birth as normal parts of life, and to prepare families for the many changes that lie ahead. Produced by Ad Infinitum Films.

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La Clínica de la Raza – School-Based Health Centers

La Clínica de la Raza's mission is to improve the quality of life of the diverse communities they serve by providing culturally appropriate, high quality, and accessible health care for all. This short video focuses on La Clínica's School-Based Health Care Centers. Produced, Directed and Edited by José Vergelin of Ad Infinitum Films. Funded and produced through Kaiser Permanente's Multimedia Communications Department.

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La Clínica de la Raza – Empowering Women for a Lifetime of Health

This fundraising video highlights the women's health care services provided by La Clínica de la Raza in Oakland, CA


Healers of the Maya

Four years in the making, "Healers of the Maya" is a documentary that takes the audience inside a community that most of the Western world believes to have vanished a millennium ago. Featuring beautifully shot footage of healing ceremonies, and interviews with the healers and their patients in the Mayan language, "Healers of the Maya" is a compelling, unique film. Produced and Directed by José Gutiérrez.