Educational Films:

People who are fully informed make better choices for themselves, for their families and for the planet as a whole. And people who are motivated by watching a compelling program are more likely to act and to break out of their habitual routines. At Ad Infinitum Films we contribute to this process by creating media that provides valuable and timely information in an inspiring way. Our portfolio includes a wide range of topics including AIDS prevention, tobacco education, prenatal health, environmental awareness and childcare issues among many others.


Guide to Healthy Living for Hispanics “Si nos queremos tanto…”

A 40 minute docudrama designed to educate Latinos about the dangers of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This empowering film features Latino celebrities such as Ricardo Montalbán, José José and Olga Guillot. Hosted by María Elena Salinas, Univision’s national news anchor at the time. Produced for Pfizer, Inc. in cooperation with LCG Bienestar.


Me Muero Por Fumar

I’m Dying for a Smoke is a 30 minute smoking cessation video created in Spanish for the Latino community. Through a combination of drama and documentary, this program successfully conveys the hard facts about tobacco use and an effective method for quitting in an entertaining and humoristic way. This video received the highest commendation from the Department of Health Services. Produced for the California Department of Health Services in collaboration with La Familia


Centering Pregnancy – Building Community Through Prenatal Care

Centering Pregnancy is a prenatal care model offered by the by the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital division of Ob/Gyn. It combines pregnancy assessments with education and social support in a group format, with time allotted for one-on-one interaction as needed. CenteringPregnancy honors the cultural backgrounds of participants and encourages discussion, the building of relationships, and a sense of community and shared purpose. The video focuses on the CenteringPregnancy program offered by the Nurse-Midwives of San Francisco General Hospital.